Written and illustrated by Zuriñe Aguirre.

21,5 x 29 cm / 40 pages
(including endpapers)
+ 4
Rights sold in Portuguese (Brazil)

Doodle lives inside the tip of a pencil. He is very shy, he does not want to come out of his hiding place because he feels defective, since he always sees wonderful figures passing by. Until one day, the pencil shows him that, despite not being perfect like a circle or a square, he can be very original. Because being imperfect is an opportunity to discover what we want to be.

  • This picture book has won the 4th Algar Award. This recognition has been received by other successful proposals such as Sometimes Mom has Thunder in her Head, Sometimes I feel Small, or A Letter, all of them sold internationally too.
  • A beautifully illustrated book to encourage readers to be imaginative in order to recognize their strengths and love themselves as they are.
  • Self-esteem, identity, diversity, imagination, understanding… but also the potential of being imperfect are some of the values highlighted in this book.

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