Aren't you a Strange Bird

Aren't you a Strange Bird

Written and illustrated by Rocio Bonilla

Age +6
29 × 21,5 cm | 40 pages (including endpapers)
Sold to: Slovenian, Turkish, Portuguese (Portugal) and German.

Carrasco is a curious boy, as most are. One day, his neighbour says «Aren’t you a strange bird!». «What does she mean by that?» Is he a bird? Or does he just look like one? Does it mean that he can fly?

«A story about the extraordinary logic of children. An endearing character who is thirsty for life», Rocio Bonilla.

Updated edition of the first picture book in Rocio Bonilla’s career. A book that shows the main lines that have created her magic universe.

• A picture book to express the richness of language.

Carrasco, the main character of "Aren't you a Strange Bird"Carrasco, the main character of "Aren't you a Strange Bird"

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