Betty and Billy Book Series

Writted by Ricardo Alcántara Illustrated by Montse Tobella

Garret's Soup

Writted and illustrated by Subi

What Happened?

Writted by Josep Gregori Illustrated by Seta Gimeno

Grandpas, Pirahnas and other Stories

Written by Beatriz Taboada. Illustrated by Dani Padrón

Aren't You a Strange Bird!

Written and illustrated by Rocio Bonilla

I’m Fierce

Written by Anya Damirón. Illustrated by Pablo Pino

Sometimes Mom has Thunder in her Head

Written by Beatriz Taboada. Illustrated by Dani Padrón  


Rocio Bonilla

About Edicions Bromera

Founded in 1986, Edicions Bromera offers in its catalogue, made up of 3,000 titles distributed in the Catalan language in 30 different collections, a selection of the very best of literature for children, young adults and adults, with broad, open-minded and plural criteria.

Moreover, Grup Bromera is set up by different imprints as Bromera, Algar Editorial, Animallibres, Més Llibres or Tàndem Edicions. They all share the same spirit: encourage the habit of reading and grow passion for books.

Lately, we have increased our presence in the international market in order to make our books and our authors accessible all over the world, especially regarding children’s literature. The stories created by our gallery of authors and illustrators already travel around the world, in many countries of the fifth continents, and they talk multiple languages. Stories made with enthusiasm in order to convey values and edited with care to offer quality books to the most demanding readers: the little ones.

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New Releases

Where Are They Going?

Where Are They Going?

Writted by Gonçal López-Pampló

Illustrated by Fran Parreño

A man, a very normal man, walks along the streets of a city, a normal city. However, something is unusual. People are going in the opposite direction of the man, who keeps going home without noticing they are running away. In the meantime, soldiers are deployed while aircraft fly overhead. But he remains indifferent, because he thinks he is safe, until he becomes aware of what is going on.

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Sometimes I Feel Small

Sometimes I Feel Small

Written by Vanesa Martínez

Illustrated by Viv Campbell

Any gesture, even small ones can make a difference. One after another, these actions can lead to something important. We may feel little, but if we look at people around us we will realize that they can be big, very big. Through the eyes of a little girl, we better appreciate the greatness of the world, which thrills and transforms us.

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Thank You. The Story of a Neighbourhood

Thank You. The Story of a Neighbourhood

Written and illustrated by Rocio Bonilla

Thanks to an unexpected event, life in the neighbourhood will change completely.

Thanks to curiosity and empathy, the neighbours will complete a long, long journey. And they will do it together.

A story about a neighbourhood. About how a tiny detail may make the difference and make our lives better. A story about all of us.


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The Smiths and the Wall

The Smiths and the Wall

Written by Jaume Copons

Illustrated by Òscar Julve

Duna and Lluc have the same surname, but they are not siblings or cousins; they are just neighbours and friends. But they haven’t always been friends. Duna
remembers that, until recently, Lluc didn’t pay any attention to her; instead he built a wall of boxes to separate their two gardens so that they couldn’t see
each other! Of course, friendship cannot be imposed.

There is a need to let it grow with patience and good humour. It may happen naturally. What a huge prodigious discovering!

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Where Are They Going?, our new title by Gonçal López-Pampló and Fran Parreño

A book about freedom and how fragile it can be if we act with indifference.
The first part of the book is silent, while the last one is based on Martin Niemöller’s classical reflection on Nazism.

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Betty and Billy, our new series for early readers by Ricardo Alcántara and Montse Tobella

This series discover the adventures of two friendly and naughty little mice siblings. 
The tales include short sentences, elements from kids’ imaginary world and activities related to daily routines. 
Want to know more about these amusing books.
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Sometimes I Feel Small, our new title by Vanesa Martínez and Viv Campbell

Text and image weave a story with a special sensitivity and tenderness. 
Many children can identify themselves with this story.
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The Smiths and The Wall, our new title by Jaume Copons and Òscar Julve

Is a funny story about prejudices and how important is to get rid of them.
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Bromera Opening Week starts now!

Bromera is a publishing house founded in 1986 that offers plural and quality books for all ages. 
We are committed to education and the promotion of reading. 
Therefore, we work to make our books travel around the world! 

Jaume Copons and Òscar Julve talk about The Smiths and The Wall

The author and the illustrator of our new title tell us more about this book that has friendship as its main theme.

Welcome to the Minimoni’s World

Haven’t you met her yet?
Discover all her adventures!

TRAILER | Thank You, by Rocio Bonilla

A story about a neighbourhood.
A story about empathy and life in common.
A story about all of us.

Here you have the official trailer!

I'm Fierce, trailer

Milo, an adventurous little wolf, believes that he will suddenly become a fierce wolf. When Milo discovers that he must train to get it like the rest of wolves, he is worried about having to stop being himself to achieve it

Rocio Bonilla talks about 'Thank you', her new album

"We will get to know each character and why he doesn't have contact with his neighbours until a fortuitous event will provoke a chain reaction that will change the way they relate to each other".

Book Fairs

We want to share the spirit of our books with all cultures, that’s why, every year, we participate in the main book fairs dedicated to the book world:


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