Sometimes I Feel Small

Sometimes I Feel Small

Written by Vanesa Martínez

Illustrated by Viv Campbell

Age +6
Details: 24x30 cm | 32 pages (including endpapers)
Rights available worldwide

Any gesture, even small ones can make a difference. One after another, these actions can lead to something important. We may feel little, but if we look at people around us we will realize that they can be big, very big. Through the eyes of a little girl, we better appreciate the greatness of the world, which thrills and transforms us.

A delicate and touching book that points out the fact that we all, younger or older, can make things becoming great, even the smallest ones.
• This picture book encourages little readers to discover their strength, to abandon feelings of inferiority or fear, and to be proud of themselves, no matter how they are.
• Text and image weave a story with a special sensitivity and tenderness. Many children can identify themselves with a story that talks about dealing with fears with delicacy and empathy.

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