New Releases

Nora and the Mysterious Sound

Written by Pilar Martín and illustrated by Verònica Aranda


Written and illustrated by Zuriñe Aguirre

What Is Love About, Minimoni?

By Rocio Bonilla

Are You Bored Minimoni?

Written and illustrated by Rocio Bonilla

What Colour is a Kiss?

Written and illustrated by Rocio Bonilla

Babymoni Book Series

Written and illustrated by Rocio Bonilla

When the Storm Breaks

Written by Bea Taboada and illustrated by Dani Padrón

Sometimes I Feel Small

Written by Vanesa Martínez Illustrated by Viv Campbell

Thank You. The Story of a Neighbourhood

Written and illustrated by Rocio Bonilla

Sometimes Mom has Thunder in her Head

Written by Beatriz Taboada Illustrated by Dani Padrón  

The Smiths and the Wall

Written by Jaume Copons Illustrated by Òscar Julve

I’m Fierce

Written by Anya Damirón. Illustrated by Pablo Pino

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Lately, we have increased our presence in the international market in order to make our books and our authors accessible all over the world, especially regarding children’s literature. The stories created by our gallery of authors and illustrators already travel around the world, in many countries of the fifth continents, and they talk multiple languages. Stories made with enthusiasm in order to convey values and edited with care to offer quality books to the most demanding readers: the little ones.

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George has Long Hair

George has Long Hair

Writted by Paloma Muiña

Illustrated by Anna Clariana

George wants to have long hair, like the princess in his favourite story. This way he can use it as a slide to go down the castle; he can look like a fountain and wet his classmates or play cowboys and Indians. Grandma does not like it at all, she grumbles more and more as his hair grows longer. And yes, maybe it is too heavy and too difficult to wash... What if he has his hair cut short to look like a hairless alien? Or like a tree with pink hair? Yes, awesome, because he gets to decide how he wants to be!

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The Escape

The Escape

Writted by Cristina Oleby

Illustrated by Pablo Pino

Roland had been performing the same circus number for one thousand eight hundred and twenty-five days. However, he was not going to do it one more day. He had one goal: running away. Nevertheless, all his plans to escape had obstacles and his attempts ended up being frustrated. His determination was firm. Not another day would pass... although the days went by with each new failed plan. In the end, he realized that the answer was much easier and it was in himself: it was simply a matter of being self-confident. 


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A Letter

A Letter

Writted by Irene Verdú

Illustrated by Verónica Aranda

One day, the wind found a lost letter. The rain had wiped the letters off the envelope and it was not possible to know for whom it was or who wrote it. However, the letter has a beautiful message, «I love you». This is why the wind blew her up and pushed her hard, very hard. The wind could not imagine that the letter would fall on Mr Cat’s head, always grumpy and locked up at home. Maybe the power of words could change his life...

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Written by Jaume Copons

Illustrated by Òscar Julve

Linus Filstrup is an honest boy who has nothing to do with Arlo, his twin brother, who is a real scoundrel and the pride of the Filstrups, a family of thieves and swindlers as it should be.

He was doing well in high school, until the fateful day when he was accused of having stolen a good deal of money. Then he had to start investigating to unmask the real culprit, clear his name and... let his family down again!

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Discover Minimoni's world!

Haven’t you met her yet?
Discover all her adventures!

Board book books for todlers.

Discover the inspiring book George has long Hair!

The book deals with the idea of individuality from a positive and tender perspective, reinforcing the thought that it is a personal choice and avoiding stigmas.

Where Are They Going?, our new title by Gonçal López-Pampló and Fran Parreño

A book about freedom and how fragile it can be if we act with indifference.
The first part of the book is silent, while the last one is based on Martin Niemöller’s classical reflection on Nazism.

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TRAILER | Thank You, by Rocio Bonilla

A story about a neighbourhood.
A story about empathy and life in common.
A story about all of us.

Here you have the official trailer!

I'm Fierce, trailer

Milo, an adventurous little wolf, believes that he will suddenly become a fierce wolf. When Milo discovers that he must train to get it like the rest of wolves, he is worried about having to stop being himself to achieve it

The Escape, the new title by Cristina Oleby and Pablo Pino 

Thanks to this friendly story readers will understand the importance of trusting ourselves in order to decide our future.

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Sometimes I Feel Small, our new title by Vanesa Martínez and Viv Campbell

Text and image weave a story with a special sensitivity and tenderness. 
Many children can identify themselves with this story.
Want to know more about this delicate and touching book?
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The Gang of the 11, by Rocio Bonilla

Topics such as friendship, harassment, integration and solidarity are included in this powerfully illustrated book.

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The Smiths and The Wall, our new title by Jaume Copons and Òscar Julve

Is a funny story about prejudices and how important is to get rid of them.
Want to know more about this fantastic book?

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