The Fart Monster 

The Fart Monster 

Written by Paco Cholbi

Illustrated by Carles Arbat

Rights sold: Estonian.


21,5 × 29 cm | 40 pages

Join a hilariously spooky journey that will tickle the funny bones of both kids and adults alike.

In Scarechildren’s Goosebump Lane, an aspiring little monster dreams of being the scariest. He has diligently prepared to achieve it, but the first time he has to
scare some kids, he does not feel sure of himself and nerves play a dirty trick on him. As he opens the door, PAAARRRPPP! Children burst out laughing instead of scaring. What will the little monster do?

Discover a captivating tale that celebrates the beauty of being unique and illustrates how the drawbacks can transform into inspiring advantages.

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