The Robotons and the Hydra of Lerna

The Robotons and the Hydra of Lerna

Writted by Oriol Canosa and illustrated by Jordi Sunyer

+ 10
Rights available worldwide

15 x 22,5 cm | 152 pages
The spaceship HMIS Hercules has the worst interstellar crew that could ever exist on Earth.

Luckily enough, their robots are the ones in charge of the missions that not even the brightest minds would accept! Hera, the president of the Terrestrial Republic, asks major Euristheus to direct the spaceship to the galaxy of Arcadia. And that way, everything will be in the hands of the four robots that are on the bottom rung of the ladder: the Robotons.

Pop, Rob, Bip and Bop will fight atrocious Hydra from planet Lerna, chase after the wild boar from planet Erimant and visit planet Hades to convince Cerberus to join them. Will they survive to the 12 Labours of Hercules?



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