Max and the Superheroes

Max and the Superheroes

Writted by Rocio Bonilla

Illustrated by Rocio Bonilla and Oriol Malet

Age +6
Details 24x30 cm | 48 pages (including endpages)
Rights sold to: Chinese (China and Taiwan), French (France, Belgium and Switzerland), English (USA), Turkish, Slovenian, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian, German (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and Dutch (The Netherlands and Belgium).

Max thinks every superhero is awesome, but there's one who's his absolute favorite: Megapower! She's brave, she can program computers and deactivate bombs, she has ultravision and super strength... But best of all, Megapower is different from all the other superheroes, and Max knows why. 

A powerful and exhilarating illustrated book that combines different styles to show the superpowers of mums.






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