The Gang of the 11

The Gang of the 11

Writted and illustrated by Rocio Bonilla

Age +4
Rights sold in: Italian, German (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), Korean, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Greek, French (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Canada), Chinese (Complex), and Turkish.

21,5 x 29 cm | 48 pages
An invitation to build true relationships, equal and inclusive from the very beginning, starting from the little ones.

Benjamin was a shy small redfish. One day, a gang of ten fish invited him to join them. Then, he became the fish number eleven. Everybody respected the gang of the eleven: they got all they wanted and nobody contradicted them. One day, Benjamin realized that in fact, it was because the rest was scared of the group. Then, he made a decision; he did not follow them anymore. He stopped being the fish number 11.


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