What Colour is a Kiss?

What Colour is a Kiss?

Writted and illustrated by Rocio Bonilla

Age +5
Details 21x29 cm | 40 pages (including endpages)
Sold to: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Slovenian, Korean, Turkish, Chinese, Ukranian, Polish, Greek, German, Russian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Slovak, Luxembourgish, Arabic, Swedish and Bulgarian. 

Minimoni, the charming character of this best-seller, wants to find out the colour of a kiss. Red like a delicious tomato sauce? Is it green like the nice crocodiles? Mom sure that knows the answer!

A successful title with more than 400,000 readers all around the world!

An illustrated book that plays with colours and feelings in an original way.

Sold in two versions: one for toddlers and another for early readers.

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