A Letter

A Letter

Writted by Irene Verdú

Illustrated by Verónica Aranda

Age +4
Details 21,5x29 cm | 40 pages (including endpapers)
Rights sold in Greek, Romanian, Italian, German, Portuguese, Estonian, Russian, English (USA, Canada, and Mexico), Turkish, and Serbian.

One day, the wind found a lost letter. The rain had wiped the letters off the envelope and it was not possible to know for whom it was or who wrote it. However, the letter has a beautiful message, «I love you». This is why the wind blew her up and pushed her hard, very hard. The wind could not imagine that the letter would fall on Mr Cat’s head, always grumpy and locked up at home. Maybe the power of words could change his life...

Winner of the Algar Award, this beautifully illustrated book deals with the idea of reverting the mistrust into confidence
thanks to the power of helping the other.



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