George has Long Hair

George has Long Hair

Writted by Paloma Muiña

Illustrated by Anna Clariana

Age +5
Details 21,5x29 cm | 40 pages (including endpapers)
Rights available worldwide

George wants to have long hair, like the princess in his favourite story. This way he can use it as a slide to go down the castle; he can look like a fountain and wet his classmates or play cowboys and Indians. Grandma does not like it at all, she grumbles more and more as his hair grows longer. And yes, maybe it is too heavy and too difficult to wash... What if he has his hair cut short to look like a hairless alien? Or like a tree with pink hair? Yes, awesome, because he gets to decide how he wants to be!

The book deals with the idea of individuality from a positive and tender perspective, reinforcing the thought that it is a personal choice and avoiding stigmas. 

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