What is love about, Minimoni?

What is love about, Minimoni?  

Written and illustrated by Rocio Bonilla

24 x 30 cm / 40 pages
(including endpapers)
+ 4
Rights: Italian, German, Slovenian, Hebrew, French, Greek, Latvian, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Turkish, and Korean.

Minimoni loves walking with her dog Max. They get along very well, but sometimes she doesn’t understand adults. Especially when they talk about love. They say that it can move mountains, but at the same time, we can find it in the smallest things. If love cannot be seen, touched, or painted... how can they know what it is?

• Minimoni has come back to share with us her cute perspective on love.

• This is the third picture book with this cute and charming little girl as the main character, after the successful titles What Colour is a Kiss? (with more than 400.000 readers around the world) and Are you Bored, Minimoni? (sold to almost 20 countries).

• Once more, Rocio Bonilla is able to bring us closer to the children's universe in a simple but magical way. Little readers will fall in love with Minimoni even more.

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