Nora and the Mysterious Sound

Nora and the Mysterious Sound

Written by Pilar Martín

Illustrated by Verònica Aranda

24 x 25 cm / 24 pages
(including endpapers)
+ 4
Rights available worldwide

Nora can imagine a thousand and one things, except one for which she can’t find an explanation. A little noise suddenly appears and is often repeated. It all happens at school, during “Professions Week”. They have to visit the police station, the doctor’s office, the town hall... Will the mysterious noise come from any of these places? Or does it only live in her imagination?

• This sweet and powerfully illustrated picture book highlights the relevance of following our instinct, our inspiration, to become whatever we want to be.

• The book deals with the professions, and the days of the week, but also with the idea of the importance of the environment, which influences us positively.

• This title has won the Enric Solbes International Award for Picture Books thanks to the charming drawings by Verònica Aranda and a touching story written by Pilar Martín

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