Mission Transylvania

Mission Transylvania

By Jacobo Feijóo 
and Martín Rodríguez


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13 x 20,5 cm | 104 pages

The Kronos Agency needs you for a new mission! A new title of the serie of choose-your-own-adventure books. 

But this time, this time, be brave. Something has happened to the space-time fabric and your friend Oriol has been kidnapped by Count Dracula. Run to rescue your friend and travel back in time to face all kinds of terrifying beings. Will you die of fear or can the Kronos Agency trust you? Will you ally with your enemies to achieve it?

Here is the new book-game series of the moment. Have you taken part in the previous adventures? Remember that Pandemic Mission, Carib Mission, Jade Mission, Drakar Mission and Jaguar Mission are waiting for you. Remember! The Kronos Agency is in your hands.

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